About me

Who is Nay Ruby?

A human

I’m a human being. I’m like everyone else, just like you. A tiny little individual in a flash during a time where I was recently at The National Museum of American History looking at skulls that were over 1.5 million old. As a living human being, I do not see myself as anything special. 

Me, Me, Me

I like myself and know (most of the time) what I’m good at and what I like. But the idea that I am not unique or special helps me to understand the world, my own thoughts and get me down to earth. I have in a long time thought that the reason I think so much about myself was because of myself. It may be in part, too, but it’s also because I’m part of the “Me” generation of “millenials” where there’s  a lot of focus on the individual, the self-setting and the constant digital presence. And maybe it also because people in general just think about themselves in relations to others a lot. Nobody thinks as much about yourself as you do. No one gives as many fucks for what you do, say or think as yourself. So you might as well just do what you want to do. As Billie Eilish says: ” We’re all gonna die and nobody is gonna remember you so fuck it”. There is two things I’ve learned that I try to remind myself everytime I think about my self too much:

1. People don’t care as much as you you think

2. People judge you no matter what you do

That’s how I often think. Self-reflective, doubting and sometimes chaotic thoughts that often develop into anxiety. In fact, I feel that is one of the things that defines me most as a human being and an artist. My way of thinking and my urge to put everything into my head and preferably find an answer to everything. You probably know that too. Besides that, I very much define myself as a singer, songwriter and artist. My biggest artistic goal is to create music that touches myself and where I feel, I express myself as a human, so that it can touch others and so that we all can feel more connected.

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