About my blog

Nay Ruby is my artist name. A name I just made up by myself as a lot of artists do. It doesn’t mean anything special, I just think it sounded cool. So, like so many other artists, I have an artist name. Nothing new under the sun there. Except most other artists don’t have a personal blog like this one.

So why did I create a blog? There are several reasons for this:

1. because right now I’m on an external semester at RMC (the rythmic music conservatory in Copenhagen) which requires me to have a entrepreneurship project that I can present for my January 2020 exam. This blog and my entire social media life as an artist make up this project.

2. because I have many thoughts, I want to share. Both as a human being and as an artist and by having a blog I can completely decide for myself what I want to invite my fans and followers into.

3. because it is my own little rebellion with the very result-oriented society we live in. Especially in the music culture. Right now I see a tendency to release music as kind of a surprise where no one knew there was new music on the way. And there is nothing wrong with that. I like the idea of sanctifying the artistic process by making music in silence without interference from outside elements like social media etc. I just feel like doing the opposite myself. Make my own digital “carpe diem”-ish logbook made by myself, about myself, as close to my own present as possible. As a true millennial blogging about me, my work and my process as a songwriter, musician and artist. 

Until now the blog has been in danish, but I’ll try to write in english from now on so everyone has a change to follow.

xxx Nay Ruby

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